Open Call: The 3rd European Culture and Technology Lab+ Annual Conference

The 3rd annual Conference hosted by the European University of Technology and organized by the European Culture and Technology Laboratory ‘ECT Lab+’ aims to bring together experts from the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Technology, and other fields exploring ways of enquiry that enrich (non-)positivist ways of knowing as well as post-structuralist critique towards them. Given the political, representative and epistemic crises of the current times, there is a need for transdisciplinary responses to overcome siloed thinking of academic fields of study and offer solutions by revisiting questions of speculation at the basis of science, engineering, design and the arts. Speculation can provide analytical, imaginative, political and experimental means as well as inspire the production of artifacts (engineering, design, arts, crafts) to get beyond the current epistemic Krisis. At the very same time, given its role in economics, colonialism and war, speculation (both as Speculatio and Speculum) itself, can and ought be under critique.

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