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EUt+ Ideas Institute Hosts Seminar on AI Ethics and Research Compliance

The EUt+ Ideas Institute's June 19, 2024 seminar, with Anaïs Rességuier of Trilateral Research, investigated the AI ethics and compliance, showcasing the Institute's commitment to responsible technology governance.


19. 06. 2024 - 19. 06. 2024




The EUt+ Ideas Institute continues to lead the charge in interdisciplinary dialogue and policy advocacy with its latest Lunchtime Seminar, held on June 19, 2024. This event is part of a seminar series aimed at bringing fresh perspectives and fostering new lines of inquiry within the EUt+ community.

Originally established as a think tank named "Technology and Society," the Ideas Institute has evolved to become a cornerstone for interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral dialogue. It engages a diverse array of societal actors, including academia, civil society, enterprise, and government. The Institute draws on and champions EUt+ research, promoting a human-centred approach to technology and society. Its mission is to facilitate multi-stakeholder awareness, understanding, and debate on the critical issues posed by rapid technological advances and their societal impacts.

The Ideas Institute's lunchtime seminar series is designed to introduce new ideas and external perspectives to the EUt+ community. These seminars aim to generate meaningful conversations and inspire innovative research and professional practices in a relaxed and informal setting.

The seminar featured Anaïs Rességuier, a distinguished Research Manager in the Ethics, Human Rights, and Emerging Technologies cluster at Trilateral Research. Based in Ireland and the UK, Trilateral Research operates at the intersection of technology development and societal challenges. Anaïs, who holds a PhD in Political Theory from Sciences Po Paris, focuses on technology governance and ethics, particularly AI ethics. Her work, which spans several EU-funded research projects, involves analyzing ethical issues related to AI and developing practical ethics guidelines to ensure the responsible design and deployment of technology.

Anaïs' presentation, titled "Research Ethics for Artificial Intelligence: The Twofold Need for Compliance Requirements and for an Open Process of Reflection and Attention," investigated the complexities of enhancing research ethics frameworks for AI development and use. She emphasized the necessity for these frameworks to include compliance requirements, which ensure adherence to emerging ethical and legal norms to govern AI technology, and an open process of reflection and attention, which involves continuous reflection on and assessment of AI's impacts during and after research projects.

The EUt+ Ideas Institute's seminar provided a platform for critical discussions on AI ethics, underscoring the Institute's role in shaping responsible technology governance. By bringing experts like Anaïs Rességuier to share their knowledge, the Ideas Institute continues to promote ethical practices in research and innovation. The seminar not only enriched the EUt+ community's understanding of AI ethics but also reinforced the importance of integrating ethical considerations into technological advancements.

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