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ACTIVITIES / workshop / Ethico Intensive Study Programme Troyes

Ethico Intensive Study Programme Troyes

The UTT Ethico intensive Study program introduced postgraduates to eco-ethics and practical applications

The third Intensive Study Programme (ISP) of the Erasmus+ project Ethico took place at the Technological University of Troyes (UTT), France, on July 11th and 12th. Ethico, funded by Erasmus+, aims to foster the development of innovative ecological ethics for technological education.

The two-day workshop provided an introduction to ecological ethics for postgraduate students, drawing from modules developed by the Ethico team. On the first day, participants engaged in a workshop to establish a communal understanding of ecology, followed by a lecture on eco-ethics models, virtues, and care, along with an introduction to applying eco-ethics in a real-world case study.

The second day guided participants through the problematization of another case study, encouraging multi-perspectival analyses. Throughout the workshop, emphasis was placed on recognizing more-than-human actors and generating pluralistic perspectives.

By the end of the ISP, participants became familiar with the philosophical and ethical foundations of ecological ethics for technological education and gained a framework for analyzing real-world scenarios.

The workshop was certificated and offered free of charge, providing valuable insights and tools for participants to apply ecological ethics principles in their academic and professional endeavors.

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