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ACTIVITIES / workshop / The Third Session Reading Group: Writing and Cosmotechnics by Yuk Hui

The Third Session Reading Group: Writing and Cosmotechnics by Yuk Hui

In the ECT Lab+ reading group session dedicated to Yuk Hui's "Writing and Cosmotechnics," participants comprehensively explored the intricate concepts presented in the text.

The discussion delved into Hui's examination of cosmotechnics as a framework that goes beyond Western-centric views of technology and writing, emphasizing the diversity of technological practices and their cultural underpinnings.

During the session, attendees analyzed how Hui's work challenges the conventional understanding of technology and writing by highlighting the interconnectedness between different cosmologies, epistemologies, and technological systems. The group would have discussed how various cultural perspectives influence the development and use of technology, shaping not only tools and systems but also our modes of communication, expression, and knowledge production.

Moreover, the reading group explored the implications of cosmotechnics for contemporary society, considering how a more inclusive and diverse approach to technology and writing can lead to a richer understanding of human-technology interactions and foster cross-cultural dialogues in the digital age.

Overall, the discussion on "Writing and Cosmotechnics" by Yuk Hui in the ECT Lab+ reading group provided a platform for participants to engage with the complexities of cosmotechnics critically, broaden their perspectives on technology and writing, and reflect on the cultural diversity inherent in technological development and usage.

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