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Epico project is an Erasmus + Ka220 project aiming to explore alternative epistemological perspectives that emphasize the intersection of art, culture, science, and technology

Epico aims to foster a deeper understanding of cultural, social, and ecological dimensions in the development of sustainable technologies, essential for addressing present and future challenges. EpiCo operates within interdisciplinary pedagogical contexts, directing students' skills and competencies toward a technology approach that transcends anthropocentric viewpoints.

Through an in-depth examination of theoretical and historical research in epistemology and ecology within technical education, the EpiCo project will shape educational models, and methods, and will develop a module framework that can seamlessly integrate into existing programs. These resources are designed particularly for Intensive Study Programs aimed at both educators and students. To ensure broad accessibility, the project will make use of various communication channels and public events, culminating in the organization of an accredited summer school for students.

The project contributes to the specific body of knowledge and provides a framework for implementing epistemological approaches in technical education. The developed educational models, methods, and modules will provide innovative pathways for shaping the technologies of the future. Furthermore, they will impart the necessary skills and competencies, ensuring a sustainable, forward-thinking approach at a European level.

This initiative is a step toward addressing complex societal and environmental challenges, acknowledging the critical role that interdisciplinary, culturally informed epistemologies play in designing sustainable and inclusive technologies. The long-term impact of EpiCo can extend to a transformative shift in how we educate and prepare students to tackle the evolving landscape of technology, culture, and the environment.

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