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ACTIVITIES / workshop / Ethico Intensive Study Programme Cartagena

Ethico Intensive Study Programme Cartagena

The Ethico project seminar in Cartagena hosted a two-day study period to promote eco-ethics awareness


02. 02. 2024 - 03. 02. 2023


The Ethico project organized a two-day intensive study period held in Cartagena to cultivate awareness of eco-ethics among participants.

The activities were guided through the fundamental distinctions between applied ethics and virtue ethics. The virtue ethics introduced on day one were utilized to enhance comprehension of eco-ethics through investigative case studies and group discussions.

The ISP successfully realized these objectives through four modules tailored for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Module 1 focused on establishing a shared understanding of ecological values by constructing "trees" developed in workshops by the Université de Technologie de Troyes. This exercise aimed to align participants on ecological terminology and shared values.

Module 2, a workshop, clarified the differences between applied ethics and virtue ethics, emphasizing the benefits of each and laying the groundwork for ecological virtue ethics across disciplines.

Module 3 involved discussions on four case studies from various domains like engineering, AI, and sustainability. These case studies illustrated ethical decision-making in real-world scenarios, showcasing the application of virtue ethics in ecological problem-solving.

Module 4 brought participants together to reflect on the outcomes of the case studies and foster a shared understanding of eco-ethics as virtue ethics. This module also provided a platform for open discussions on ethical practices related to the ISP and feedback on the program.

The ISP's initiative in Cartagena successfully engaged students in exploring eco-ethics through a blend of theoretical frameworks and practical case studies, enriching their understanding of ethical considerations in environmental contexts.

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