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The Ethico Multiplier Event

The "Ethico" project Multiplier Event addressed environmental challenges from smart technologies, fostering interdisciplinary approaches


29. 08. 2024 - 31. 08. 2023


The "Ethico" Multiplier Event at the Technical University of Sofia was a significant gathering that focused on the dissemination and communication of ECT Lab+ and EthiCo project research results. During the event, there was a demonstration of good practices and cultural exchange in the fields of ecology, technologies, and ethics.

From the 29th to the 31st of August, the Technical University of Sofia organized a cultural, educational, and scientific forum to present and widely disseminate the research results, training sessions, and discussions related to the "EthiCo" project under the European Technological University (EUt+).

The event aimed to address the challenges arising from the rapid advancement of smart technologies, consumerism, and global industry, particularly concerning the environmental crisis. Partners from various countries such as Ireland, France, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Cyprus, and Germany collaborated in this initiative, involving scientists, teachers, doctoral students, students, and experts.

The primary goal of this European academic community was to establish an interdisciplinary and intercultural educational platform to equip European students with the necessary tools and knowledge to tackle environmental issues through sustainable technological design.

Emphasizing the importance of dialogue among students, teachers, experts, cultural workers, industry representatives, and the public, the event aimed to foster a unified approach to addressing global human challenges. The central theme revolved around the concept of "care" for oneself, others, and the planet Earth, highlighting the human capacity for adaptation, change, creativity, and development.

The program of the forum encompassed both scientific and applied aspects, attracting participants from academia, business, and the arts. For those interested in participating and registering for future events, more information can be found on the official channels of the Technical University of Sofia.

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