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ACTIVITIES / workshop / Aesthetico Intensive Study Program in Cyprus

Aesthetico Intensive Study Program in Cyprus

The MADLab in Limassol hosted an intensive study program as part of the Aesthetic project, emphasizing experiential learning and the "Aesthetics of Care."


22. 04. 2024 - 26. 04. 2024


Between April 22 and 26, the MADLab (Media Arts and Design Research Lab) in Limassol, Cyprus, became a hub of innovation and creativity as 19 students from seven European University of Technology (EUT+) universities, along with their professors, participated in an immersive and unconventional educational program. This event, hosted by the Cyprus University of Technology and MADLab, was part of the Aesthetico project under the European Culture and Technology Laboratory. The initiative focused on the "Aesthetics of Care," aiming to challenge traditional learning methods by emphasizing experiential learning and critical thinking. Participants engaged in interactive games and hands-on projects, pushing the boundaries of conventional education and exploring sustainable futures in technological education.

The initiative, focused on the "Aesthetics of Care," aimed to challenge traditional learning methods by emphasizing experiential learning and critical thinking. Participants engaged in interactive games such as The Atlas of Weak Signals, Revolt, and In the Loop, each designed to provoke thought and discussion on care within various contexts, pushing students to think beyond conventional frameworks. Central to the program was a sound art workshop that encouraged students to repurpose found objects and turn them into instruments and sound-generating devices. This hands-on project was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in addressing contemporary technological challenges. Guided by experts Teresa Georgallis and Dimitris Savva, the students organised themselves into groups to explore and interrogate the aesthetic possibilities of everyday objects and discarded tech. The workshop culminated in a series of sound performances from the student groups. The exercise not only highlighted the ingenuity of the students but also underscored the importance of rethinking how we use and dispose of technology in a rapidly evolving world.

Further enriching the program was a workshop on sound aesthetics led by Dimitris Savva and Teresa Georgallis. On the second day of the International Study Programme, students were introduced to the concept of creating sound art using scavenged materials from around the building. This workshop exemplified the Aesthetico project's core philosophy of "learning by doing," as students formed groups to design and perform with their improvised instruments. Through these activities, the Aesthetico project continues to explore sustainable alternative futures for technological education, encouraging students to push the boundaries of traditional learning and develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the role of aesthetics in technology.

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